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Our Big League EVENTS


MAAC has a dedicated team that works all year round to organize events.
These events provide an opportunity for students to showcase their skills & to interact with experienced professionals from the animation, VFX, gaming, and media & entertainment industry. The education gained from these events helps students become job-ready by the time they complete their course.

Every year, MAAC organizes a number of events at various locations across the country:

  • 24 FPS
  • National Students Meet
  • Maac Creative League
  • Maac Klick

Benefits for MAAC students

  • Exposure to competitive studio environment
  • Opportunity to learn & interact with experts from the industry
  • Showcase talent & get live feedback on work
  • Opportunity to network with national & international-level professionals and get mentored by seniors in the industry

24 FPS

Held every year, the 24FPS International Animation Awards are a unique platform for film-making using the medium of 3D Animation, Live Action and Visual Effects (VFX). The Awards are open to students, professionals and studios from across the world.

24FPS offers a chance to Maac students to showcase their talent. Youngsters get an opportunity to have their work viewed & assessed by world-class experts working with top studios. Thus, students get to understand what the industry demands. Over the years, films, ads & other work screened at 24FPS has gained world-wide recognition on various platforms.


NSM (National Students Meet)

MAAC students get an opportunity to meet & interact with industry professionals to learn about exclusive developments, methods & achievements of the animation, film-making & VFX industry. Students participate in various teambuilding exercises & gain insights into the working environment in Animation studios.



MAAC organises regular nature & wildlife exploration trails across India. Students explore scenic locations & learn wildlife photography from experts during these expeditions.

From time to time MAAC organises nature & wildlife exploration trails for its students in scenic locations such as Ranthambore, Sundarban, Sariska Tiger Reserve, Coorg, Ayodhya, Matheran and Amboli. These expeditions are guided by wildlife photography experts such as Amit Rane& Kane Lew, who also conduct on-field photography workshops for the students.


MAACINAR is an initiative by MAAC that comprises online MASTER CLASSES delivered by renowned Experts from the Animation and Vfx Industry. These master classes have been exclusively designed to highlight latest tools and techniques used in the production of Animation and Vfx film projects.

Digital courses and master classes from industry experts that will help Students get an edge in the industry. The event is open to every MAAC student who wants to go beyond classroom learning and practical sessions and become an expert in their field.


MAAC Creative League (MCL) is one of the much awaited events at MAAC wherein students from all centres participate irrespective of their course, course duration, academic qualification etc. There are ten categories in which the students enroll and submit interesting artworks.

Through MCL a competitive ecosystem is created for every student to nurture, groom and improvise on their skills. Below we present to you the 10 MCL categories for this year:

  • Craftworks
  • Digital Painting
  • Matte Painting
  • Mobile Photography
  • Multimedia
  • Photography
  • Sketching
  • 3D Asset
  • 30 Sec Video
  • MAAC's Got Talent (New Category)


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