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Placements at MAAC

MAAC has helped animation studios, production houses & television channels find talented & skilled individuals for various job roles in the animation, VFX, graphic design & multimedia, gaming design, and media & entertainment industries. MAAC provides Career Development Training to prepare students for various job roles in the global job market.

Animation & VFX Careers

The animation & VFX industry is expected to grow at 18.5% to reach Rs. 55.9 billion by 2015. VFX & post-production services, meanwhile, are expected to grow at 24% and 19% respectively*. Due to the tremendous growth of this industry, it is creating great career opportunities for trained & talented people

Career in Animation

Blockbuster movies like Kung Fu Panda, Ice Age, How to Train Your Dragon & Brave are perfect examples of the magic of animation. The animation industry has immense career scope for those who want to bring their creativity to life and tell interesting stories.

The Indian animation industry has a huge demand for trained & skilled animators. With world’s best animation studios like Disney, Sony Pictures & Turner Entertainment outsourcing animation content to India, animation industry is set to witness a boom in the coming years.

The animation industry provides various job opportunities, based on your interests and your creative inclination.

Career in VFX

Are you awestruck every time you watch Avatar, The Lord of the Rings, Skyfall, Life of Pi or Madagascar 3? Does your jaw drop at the sight apes behaving like humans in the Rise of the Planet of the Apes or when Tobey Maguire is overpowered by the new black suit in Spiderman 3? The credit for the success of these movies goes to talented visual effects artists from India, who ensured that the VFX of these movies looked realistic and believable to the audience.

Today many Indian VFX and animation studios are working for some of the top Hollywood movies, with Bollywood and the rest of the Indian film industry catching up fast. In recent times, South Indian movies like Makkhi (Eega) and the recent Rajinikanth starrer, Kochadaiiyaan have set new standards for the Indian VFX industry. These rapid developments in the visual effects industry are, in turn, creating huge demand for trained visual effects artists.

Along with the film industry, the gaming industry is one of the most common avenues for VFX artists.

Shortlisting the right candidates

We have a full-fledged Placements Team that helps animation studios, web design companies, gaming companies & other organisations find talented candidates for their requirements.

We are in constant touch with graduating students at all our centres. On receiving recruitment request, the Team screens & shortlists suitable candidates as per the job requirement and sends them for interviews.


Recruitment request:

Organisations/ studios share a detailed job description & the company profile with our Placements Team


Short-listing candidates:

On receiving the recruitment request, the Placements Team coordinates with various MAAC centres & provides a list of suitable candidates to be interviewed for the job.


Final selection:

The organisation/ studio tests & interviews the candidates. Upon selection, the organisation makes an offer & the candidate joins the company.

Career Counseling

Life after HSC can be quite complicated, especially when it comes to deciding upon a career, since this will affect your future life. Students are often overwhelmed with so many careers like medicine, law, management, fashion design, engineering & so on. There is also peer pressure and advice coming in from parents, relatives, neighbours , etc. With all this, there is a risk of making the wrong career choice & ending up in a job that you don't enjoy. You cannot achieve great success in a career that you are not passionate about and hence, it is very important that the decision to pursue a career is taken after careful thought.

To make an informed choice about your future career, you need to speak to people related to that industry and understand how it is like to work in that sector. There are specific career counselors for each industry to provide you with the right guidance. Career guidance is provided free of cost at many counseling centres to students who want to choose what to study after the 12th std

For instance, consider the animation industry. Animation career counselors will explain to you about a career as an animator, what kind of work roles are offered, which are the major animation studios, what is the average starting salary for animators, etc.

MAAC offers free career counseling to help students learn more about careers in 3D Animation & VFX. In all MAAC centres, guidance counselors understand your career plans, see what you are good at (drawing, gaming, creativity, imagination, etc) and point you in the right direction. If animation & VFX is where you want to be in the future, MAAC career counselors also suggest suitable courses for you. During career counseling, you can view creative animation work done by MAAC students & take a look at the lab facilities provided for practical training. Depending upon your school or college timings, guidance counselors will also suggest suitable batch timings.

The animation industry worldwide is growing rapidly and more & more projects are being outsourced to India. This will create a great demand for skilled professionals. To know more about this industry, apply for free guidance counseling at your nearest MAAC centre


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