As artists, we understand why you would aspire to be a 3D animator. For some, it’s about making it big, while others want nothing more than having a hand in creating some of the best-animated movies out there. You are storytellers, passionate artists and curious thinkers who would want to take it to the next step with 3D animation. At MAAC Ghaziabad, we would love to mentor you into being experts in the field by instilling all the required skill set of a 3D animator.

Animated movies look magical, with multi-dimensional characters and stories that expand worlds, but to get there there are a few things you have to consider, especially before you invest your time into learning the art.

It’s a long journey that will ask equal commitment towards your training as well as your passion. So, without further ado, let’s explore the top 5 factors you should consider before leaping:

Must Animate Your Imagination

Learning one of the many digital tools of animation can be easier than harnessing your imagination. Imagine a character, for example, and all the characteristics that define it. Then add details around it, around the world. Now you have a setting where you can play with even a tiny action, which is a nice beginning to a story.

How do you harness the power of that bit of imagination? Either you are good at it, or we make sure you get good at it. Training you to express your imagination is one of our core goals. And that’s something you can expect us to help you with. With our guidance, we will make sure that you are beyond animating your imagination towards animating a story.

Check Your Aims

Passion is fine, as long as you know what you want to do with it. Why would you focus on that? It’s simple! There are so many paths stemming from the art of animation. And, as early as you know where you are heading, the better you will be able to learn.

So, you do have to choose what it is you want – a future career in the big movie studios like Pixar & Dreamworks or video game animation for some of the great video game makers around the world. Both are worthy but only you can decide which one is for you.

Find The Starting Line

No matter which industry you are aiming for, it all begins with the basics. And at MAAC Ghaziabad, we know the right ways to teach you the basic building blocks of animation. Did you know that the basic principles binding 2D animation are also the same for 3D animation? You will get to know that and more, which will soon see you making short animated scenes of your own.

Act Till Your Characters Make It

As an animator, you have to become both an actor and a director. Why? That’s because you will be directing the action of your characters and the world surrounding them. No, you don’t need to join acting classes now. However, understanding the basics of acting will help you reflect the same on your characters and their world.

Learn The Art Of Practice

Success doesn’t come easy even if it’s something you are passionate about. But practice surely helps you get there. The more you practice, the better your skills end up being. You can count on us when we say that we provide ample opportunities for you to showcase your talents. This helps to make sure that you are always up to your mark. Practice helps, especially when it ends with practical work, and those come in bundles at MAAC Ghaziabad.

The result of a 3D animated film is a magical viewing experience, no matter how fantastic or seemingly basic it is, but all animators will have to face the journey that paves that path. Fortunately for all aspiring animators, MAAC Ghaziabad has the support you need, to transform your passion into real skills. We train you in the industry standards with an environment fitting professionals with software like – Autodesk MatchMover, Autodesk 3DS max & Autodesk Maya. We hope you enjoyed the read and would like to know more about the 3D animation course we offer. In that case, check out our courses section. If you would like to join us instead, do call us at 8800883709.

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