COVID-19 has changed the landscape of society in a big way and the VFX industry has not only survived but is also flourishing in this new world. There is a huge boom in the animation and gaming sector. To access alternative modes of operation and production, various industries are moving towards digital avenues and spacesĀ  and directly into the open arms of the VFX industry.

The COVID-19 pandemic may have provided many opportunities for entertainment industries such as animation and visual effects as they may have employees working remotely on projects, unlike live-action shoots. As per producer of Method Games Karina Parrington, “It wasn’t like it was less work. Just the type of work had changed”.

So, let’s dig in on “How the VFX Industry survives in the situation of COVID-19”.

Incredible Opportunities

For the VFX industry and its employees, the global coronavirus pandemic has provided an incredible opportunity to step up and prove that we can do better. Studios are eager to hire to tackle endless work. The VFX industry is evolving to meet the changing needs of the world. There is no better time than now for a VFX artist to dive into new opportunities and grow with the twist of this media revolution.

Completing projects

Despite the pandemic, the VFX industry never really stopped. In June and July, most VFX studios were completing projects. Since then, a lot of studios have started working on commercials that are in high demand. Studios now take on fewer live-action projects, instead of working more on cinematic effects and animations.

Remote work

Social distancing requirements have prompted studios to work remotely and the results could be more rewarding in the long run. Right now, the buzzword of the industry is “virtual production”. Although virtual production has been increasing over the years, it is currently a major key to maintaining an efficient pipeline over remote networks. The sports world has had to find new ways to survive under the Covid restrictions. To recreate the excitement of a live event, leagues are now trying to implement digital crowdfunding through VFX.


The VFX industry is one of the few industries that is flourishing during the pandemic. VFX and animation artists need not fear at all! Studios large and small are busy hiring artists of all kinds as they shift to more animation, games, and commercials and live-action work begin as people increasingly return to sets in Vancouver – One of the few locations safely re-filming with the new protocol.

We can say that, while the world is still dealing with COVID – 19 and settling into a new post-pandemic structure, the VFX industry is alive with new jobs and new opportunities. In short, this is a great field to make a career in. If you are also interested in the VFX field then join MAAC Prayagraj now and start making your career in this booming industry.

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